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About Us

BIOVAST has united the experience from Lithuania and Latvia and now introduces a new brand, a symbol of professional protein production and securing the safe ecological environment. The word ‘bio’ is recognized as a mark of organic industry. The word ‘vast’ expresses the processing of animal by-products. The company uses the latest technology, allowing it to change the processed raw materials and their structure, while modern laboratories guarantee accurate product parameters, adapting the production process to customer needs. Important part of BIOVAST business is eco-friendly collection and processing of animal by-products. Modern production of protein products is a guarantee of each country’s food safety. BIOVAST companies are united by qualified personnel – professionals in their fields. The development of a single customer service and technology system allows BIOVAST enterprises to offer high-quality products and services to its customers.

BIOVAST Saldus is the company in Latvia with a veterinary permit for collection and transport of specific risk products of animal origin and transfers these products for utilisation to the corresponding BIOVAST plant in Rietavas. The company guarantees the country’s eco-friendly and sustainable development. Company’s experts are very important to the company’s success.

BIOVAST Saldus company produces the highest quality salmon meal and oil from raw fish selected in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland and supplies it to the European and Asian markets.

Protein additives are used in the production of complete feed for fish, pet, furry animals, poultry and pigs.

The mission of the company is to produce high quality products and to ensure the timely, rational ABP collection, to promote solidarity in the approach of the government, business and the general public in pursuit of the cleaner environment.

IMG_0558 IMG_0612 IMG_0754

30 000 t

annual processing capacity of raw fish material

6 000 t

annual production of salmon meal

6 000 t

annual production of salmon oil



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