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BIOVAST Saldus is the company which has been officially approved by the Food and Veterinary Service and has all necessary permissions and agreements for collection, transportation and recycling. Our objective is provision of high quality services for farmers and processing plants. The company’s activity is regulated by the Regulations of the European Parliament and Council (EC) No.1069/2009 pursuant to which “Reneta” Ltd. has received the transportation permission No. 023090 and fish by-product recycling permission No. А 036618.

„Reneta” Ltd. collects transports and recycles fish raw material by-products and produce high quality fish meal and fish oil. Raw materials are collected on the territory of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland with the means of the company’s own transport. Company quality assurance system guarantee that only best quality fish raw material comes to processing plant from reliable and approved clients.

In the course of by-products collection our employees act in compliance with EU legislation and normative acts. Our customer database is constantly growing, every year we make new cooperation agreements.

The company:

• has developed routes which ensure animal and fish by-products collection in compliance with EU Regulations No.1069/2009;

• has created well organized information center which spreads information about the company to receive customers’ messages of the need to collect and transport animals and fish by-products.