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Rendered animal fat III category

II kategorija

It is a non-food mixture obtained by processing animal by-products. Fodder fat is treated with antioxidants for safe preservation. Fodder fat added to feed mixtures thus boosting its energy value. The energy value of 1 kg of fat is equivalent to 3 to 3.5 units of feed energy value. Fattening pig feed rations can include fat, which amounts to 5-10% of the feed weight. This has positive effects on the growth rates of pigs. Fodder fat is also an indispensable component of poultry feed; it’s content is 3-5% by weight of compound feed.

Quality indicators
Acid content, mg KOH/g 20-30
Humidity, % 0,5-1,0
Visible sediments, % up to 0,15


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