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In its animal by-product (hereinafter the ABP) management activities BIOVAST Rietavas strictly follows the European Union's statutory requirements.

The company collects ABP from operators using its own specially designed vehicles.

Collected ABP are transported to the company's plant, where they are chopped in pieces not exceeding 50 mm and sterilized for at least 20 minutes at 133 °C and a pressure of no less than 3 bars. The entire recycling process is carried out in accordance with method 1 (European Parliament and Council regulation (EC) No 1774/2002) ( ).

ABP handling service, according to the contracts signed with the company, is provided not only for slaughterhouses and meat producers but also businesses and farmers raising livestock.

The latter service is partly compensated by the state for the dead farm animal handling.

In case of carrions, the holder of the carcass must place it in a location enabling the access for special company vehicles and loading of carcass. The carrion must be covered with cloth or synthetic materials to minimize the environmental impact.

The company uses special containers or company-owned platform containers to service slaughterhouses or meat product manufacturers.