Business of processing by-products

In the Baltic countries, BIOVAST is the brand that brings together all the leading companies that produce protein based products. This company, which has already been operating for ten years, now is expanding to the East. BIOVAST is taking care of both the country's and its environments ecological state.


Processed animal proteins (PAP)

It is the biological form and the source of complete protein, minerals and group B vitamins, especia...

Rendered animal fat

It is a non-food mixture obtained by processing animal by-products.

Salmon meal

It is a natural product, widely used in fisheries because of its unique properties. Salmon meal cont...

Salmon oil

It is used as a dietary supplement to animal feed, as it contains polyunsaturated acids, which promo...


Biovast Rietavas

CSC „Rietavo veterinarinė sanitarija” Žadvainų St. 25, Kalakutiškės kaimas Rietavo seniūnija, LT – 90304 Rietavo savivaldybė, Lithuania

Mob.: +370 656 23 063
E-mail: [email protected]

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SIA ,,RENETA” 101C Rigas-Liepajas highway, Saldus municipality, Saldus parish, LV-3862, Latvia

Tel.: +371 63846937
E-mail: [email protected]

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